Sunday, February 17, 2013

Welcome to My "Realm of Retirement" Blog

Better late than never.... Yes, it has been more than four years since the event that spawned the creation of this blog but with as much as I enjoy writing, this is long overdue.  

The event in question occurred in 2008 when at the young age of 53, I decided to retire from my position as an N.C.I.S. special agent.  I moved from the island of Oahu, HI to settle here in south Florida to continue enjoying a gentler climate and also to be closer to family.  Retirement has proved to be quite challenging due to the economy and so I have created a blog that is dedicated to what has occupied my time as well as some creative ideas and suggestions to help other retirees or those close to retirement to be able to enjoy what we all have the power to make the best years of our lives.   

Of course this will be a work in progress and one that I hope will be enjoyed by those generous enough with their time to actually read it.

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